What is a yoga intention?

At the beginning of every yoga class, my instructor asks us to set an intention for our practice. Setting an intention is a tradition that goes way back to the beginning of yoga. This intention is one of the things I really like about yoga. It is not only a workout but it’s also a time for me to work on my mental health and it fills my body and soul with meaning.

But what is a yoga intention?

It is a focus or mantra for your practice that day. For me it often changes as my mental and physical health change between practices. There are lots of things you can set as an intention. They could be things like “I am aware” or “I am the master of my own universe.”

How do you set your intention?

The biggest thing that you can use to set your yoga intention is to focus on what matters to you. If you’ve had a busy day and are feeling overwhelmed when you arrive to class then maybe your intention should be “clearing your mind” or “letting go of external stresses” would work for you that day. You will also want to make sure that you are being specific. Being too general and having an over-generalized focus may not give you a strong enough focus.

What are some of the intentions that you have used?

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