What do I need to bring to a yoga class?

Posted by Caitlin Weber on

What do I need to bring to a yoga class?

Let’s be real. If you are a newbie at yoga and want to pop into a yoga class at your gym, you don’t need any fancy equipment. Just go in and get your zen on. Make sure the class is right for you before you sink your paycheck into fun supplies.

If you’re obsessed like I am, you’ll start finding equipment that you’ll want to take with you. Getting myself some good leggings and a high-quality mat were my first purchases. Both items makes it so that if you start getting your sweat on in class, you won’t be slipping around (this will matter double if you’re practicing hot yoga).

I also like to have a yoga-specific bag with all of my stuff so that I can just grab and go. It’s always going to be helpful to take a towel and water bottle with you to your practice and you may want to bring some extra clothes and hair accessories in case your outfit is getting in the way of your yoga and you need to do a quick change.

Finally, I’d figure out what other yoga gear you like. Maybe you’re working on certain poses and are doing variations of those poses. A yoga block or strap may be super helpful for you. I’ve also seen them used by more seasoned yogi’s when they are nursing an injury. This type of equipment can be helpful for people at any stage of their practice.

I can be extremely forgetful especially when in a rush off to class. So, I’ve created this handy dandy Yoga Class Packing Checklist for you! Print it off and hang it by your door or save to your phone to make sure you’ve got what you need before you head out!

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