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Mandalas are sets of geometric symbols which can help with spiritual guidance and focus. They come from several different Eastern cultures but were first seen during the first century from Buddhist communities. Mandalas consisted of symbols representing deities and spiritual guides.

Tibetan Mandala, Sera Monastery

More new-age mandalas tend to be more artistically geometric. It represents the cosmos, the universe, and the wholeness of life. Mandalas can be used in a yoga practice as a sort of a visual meditation and an intention for your practice.


I’ve even heard of people using mandalas in their self-care practice. They do so by drawing a circle, meditating, and then creating drawings within the circle. You don’t have to be good at drawing and can even just use words or colors that inspire you. This can be a good grounding practice that will leave you with a completed and personalized mandala that you can use in your practice.

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