An Incense Deep Dive

Posted by Caitlin Weber on

An Incense Deep Dive

Incense is something that I love to use during my yoga practice or even just in my day-to-day life. It recently occurred to me that I don’t know a ton about it. I decided to delve into the topic and I’ll share with you what I found.

Incense looks like a wood stick or a bundle of them but is actually made with other plant materials. The aromas in those materials is often combined with essential oils to produce fragrant smoke when the incense is burned. There are a couple of main types of incense that people use. The first is the direct-burning incense, which is what I use, which you light with a match and then blow out the flame when it starts burning. The second is indirect-burning which can’t remain burning on it’s own and needs an alternate heat source.

When people burn incense they often use some kind of holder or burner as to not get soot all over everything. The best part about the burner is that you can get one which matches your individual taste and it can actually be a nice piece of décor around your house.

It’s very common that people use incense during yoga or meditation. Incense, or scents in general, are often used as tools to unwind and to get you in the correct mindset for you practice. Some people don’t care for their burning and “flat” smell and prefer other ways to stimulate their scents during practice. Essential oils can be a great alternative.

Do you like to use incense during your yoga or meditation?