Finding Your Happy Place

Posted by Caitlin Weber on

One easy way to get started with your meditation journey is to develop a “happy place” in your mind. This technique is a fun one because you’re in control and it can help to calm down a busy mind. It can help you feel safe and can focus your energy and vibrations. It’s also wonderful for those of us who really struggle with meditation (my mind tends to meander) while still providing you with the same benefits.

To start with this exercise you need to first pick your happy place. You need to come up with somewhere where you feel calm and safe. Next, begin to visualize yourself in that space. Think of all of the different sights, sounds, smells, textures and colors you’d experience in that space. Slowly move through all of your senses and focus on that. Picture yourself there again happy and healthy.

It’s a pretty simple exercise that can help reset your nervous system and can provide peace of mind. It provides a mental safe-haven while getting you used to meditation and self-care. Where is your happy place? Did you use all of your senses in this exercises? How did it make you feel? Let us know!


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