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I was having a conversation recently with some family and they had no idea that there were different types of yoga. I am so immersed in the culture that I forget it is a totally foreign practice to a lot of people. There are different benefits to different kinds of yoga that a studio may offer. Here are a few common types you may hear about.

Anusara yoga: this form of yoga was only developed in the late 90s by an American yogi named John Friend. This type of yoga focuses on opening the hearts of the students and letting their inner goodness shine through. This yoga tends to be rigorous and focuses on John Friend’s Universal Principles of Alignment.

Vinyasa yoga: This type of yoga is popular for its fluid movements and intensive practice. This is a very common type of yoga where teachers will lead their classes smoothly from pose to pose. These classes also promote focusing on aligning your breath with your movement.

Bikram yoga: This type of yoga is held in a hot room. If you want to get your sweat on this might just be the class for you! It was developed in 1970 by Bikram Choudhury and follows a series of the same 26 poses. These classes have grown in popularity in recent years so classes are relatively easy to come by.

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I personally practice Vinyasa yoga and am honestly terrified of Bikram yoga. I sweat enough in my class without the added incentive. There are other types that I’d love to delve into as I learn and grow in my own practice. Any recommendations on what I should try next?


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